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7qt Crock-Pot $$19.77 at Walmart


Hurry to walmart.com to grab this great rollback price on the Crock-Pot 7-Quart Manual Slow Cooker

It is currently on sale for $19.77 which is the best price I can find for this model.  Even at Amazon it is $35.

Happy Savings!!

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Amazon Home Services


Good Morning Savers!!

Today I want to let you know about a service from Amazon that even I was unaware of until recently and that is Amazon Home Services.

With Amazon Home Services you can find professionals in your are that provide services ranging from home theater installations to house cleaning.

Try Amazon Home Services

Great Deal on Toilet Paper with ibotta and Boxed.com!!! [Updated]

Great Deal on Toilet Paper with ibotta and Boxed.com!!! [Updated]

Hurry to get Charmin Ultra Soft toilet paper for $0.16 $0.17 per single roll(even cheaper if you’re new to ibotta)!!

Here’s How:

  • Go to Boxed.com and create a new account (use referral code: FABO5)  or click here.
    • Using that link will give you $15 off your first order of $60 or more.
  • Open the ibotta app on your mobile device
    • Not already using ibotta? Click here to join and get an additional $10 bonus when you do this deal.
  • In the featured section click on Boxed
  • Here you can unlock a 15% cash back offer, once unlocked, click the shop button for ibotta to take you to boxed.
  • Once there, add the following to your cart:
    • 3 36ct packages of Charmin Ultra Soft Double Roll (19.99 each = $59.97)
    • Add 1 additional item (I recommend the N’Joy coffee creamer for $1.49), this will put you over the $60 threshold to get your $15 credit.
  • Complete the order with Boxed and you will receive the following cash back from ibotta:
    • $9.22 (15% cash back)
    • $5 (Shop Boxed bonus)

So to wrap up here is your breakdown:

  • Boxed.com cart = $61.46
  • New account credit = -$15
  • ibotta 15% cash back = -$9.22
  • ibotta “Shop Boxed” bonus = -$5
  • [Updated] Total = $37.24 for 108 double rolls (216 regular rolls) = $0.17 per regular roll.
SnapPower SwitchLight!!

SnapPower SwitchLight!!

The great folks at SnapPower have done it again!!!

In addition to their existing lineup of great products including the GuideLight and SnapPower Charger, they have posted a Kickstarter campaign for their newest concept, the SwitchLight.

This product does for your light switches what the GuideLight does for outlets.  With the same easy install, you can instantly turn any standard light switch into an automatic nightlight.

We use the GuideLights extensively in our home and will definitely be getting the SwitchLight as well.

Head over to their KickStarter campaign here and get up to 30% off when you back the project and pre-order.

If you want to check out their existing products, check out the links below:

guidelight SnapPower GuideLight buy5

usbchargerSnapPower USB Charger buy5