Ibotta: Basics

Saving money with Ibotta is just as easy as “shop, scan, snap”. Let me show you how.

  1. Click the link here to sign up and install the app (Use Referral Code: fns4mq to get a $10 bonus on your first rebate)–> ibotta
  2. Step 2 is simple, go shopping, while at the store, you can open the app to see what products have available rebate offers and scan the barcodes to ensure they qualify.
  3. When you get home, choose the store you shopped at and click the “+” sign next to any items you purchased to unlock that rebate (you may be given a quick survey question to answer or a 30 second video to view)
  4. After you have unlocked all applicable rebates, you can tap the ‘Verify Purchases’ button at the bottom of the screen. Here you will be given the option to scan the barcodes of any products you did not scan in store.
  5. Last step is to Submit your receipt, many stores require a photo to be taken of your receipt, but some stores (Walmart being one) are now printing QR codes at the bottom of their receipts that you can quickly scan to submit to Ibotta.
  6. Once your receipt is submitted, you will receive your credit in less than 24 hours (in my experience its usually less than an hour) and once you have more than $20 in your account you can transfer your earnings to paypal.

Please give this great app a try and if you have any questions about how anything works, please leave me a comment below or click here for more info.

Happy Saving!!

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