On the road to saving money, desire can be a distracting companion.  You see all the “pretty, shiny things” that you may not really need.  It is up to you to know what is really important to you and do your best to live within your means.  Desire is not inherently negative though, you can desire to be responsible, desire to be safe.  It is a double-edged sword if you will.

Most of all I hope you desire to save, to make things better for the you of the future, and I hope my blog can give you some ways to help manage that.


I was going to post this separately; however, I feel it is highly appropriate to be included here.

91wkebanlpl      The Giving Tree is a story of unchecked desire.  The little boy wants more and more from the tree until, finally the tree has nothing left to give.  I believe there are lessons to be learned here.

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Happy Savings!!

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