SnapPower SwitchLight!!

SnapPower SwitchLight!!

The great folks at SnapPower have done it again!!!

In addition to their existing lineup of great products including the GuideLight and SnapPower Charger, they have posted a Kickstarter campaign for their newest concept, the SwitchLight.

This product does for your light switches what the GuideLight does for outlets.  With the same easy install, you can instantly turn any standard light switch into an automatic nightlight.

We use the GuideLights extensively in our home and will definitely be getting the SwitchLight as well.

Head over to their KickStarter campaign here and get up to 30% off when you back the project and pre-order.

If you want to check out their existing products, check out the links below:

guidelight SnapPower GuideLight buy5

usbchargerSnapPower USB Charger buy5

2 thoughts on “SnapPower SwitchLight!!

  1. If you wish to order one of the current SnapPower products, you can click the “Buy From Amazon” buttons in the post. If you want to pre-order the new SnapSwitch, you will need to click on the Kickstarter link in the post or go here

    Thanks for checking them out, I really think you’ll like their products.


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